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Advocacy for Common Sense Sex Offender Registration Laws

Sex Offender Registry (SOR)

It's estimated roughly 25% of sex offenders are children, some as young as 8 years old. 

Current SOR policies put registered citizens and their families at risk for vigilante violence, homelessness, hunger and poverty. The Sex Offender Registry devastates families with insurmountable legal and social obstacles while NOT providing any appreciable public protection. All while consuming millions in tax dollars, social assistance and lost wages!


Some studies show public SOR's may in fact endanger the community by not allowing the returning citizen access to employment, reintegration, education, food or housing which are essential for survival and purpose in life.

What does an individual have to lose who’s had everything taken away with no opportunity to be anything other than a "criminal"? 

Destabilizing returning citizens from any classification of offense increases recidivism (repeat criminal behavior) rates!!

How does Florida protect it's citizens from true predators? 

Florida‘s Sex Offender Registry has no distinction for violent vs non-violent or dangerous vs non-dangerous offenders categorized by tier in consideration of the nature of their offense. 

If law enforcement can't pay special attention to the most dangerous, is anyone really protected? No! 

A registry so watered down by Non-dangerous offenders dilutes the effectiveness of law enforcement resources and it’s ability to effectively function in providing protection to citizens and effective supervision to those who do pose a danger!


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What if?

What if your son or daughter ACCIDENTALLY downloaded a file containing contraband photos? And then your home was raided, removing everyone including your other minor children from their beds at gunpoint?

What will you do when they take your child and threaten to lock them away for 150 years or force them to end their lives civilly by accepting the title SEX OFFENDER! Don't think it can happen you? I didn't either until it happened to me! 

In Florida possession of contraband photo offenses are "strict liability" no intent necessary, you are a Lifetime (and in death) registrant!!!


Contact your legislators and tell them you want common sense Sex Registry Reform!